• Puribag Water Purification


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The puribag is AMAZING! I tested it on some very muddy water from a local park to see if it actually worked as advertised. I'm happy to report that it does indeed remove all the dirt/junk from the water and collects it at the bottom of the bag. The bag is also easy to clip and open so you can remove all of the leftover dirt before drinking. Water flow was fast and the hanger feature makes it easy to set up on a tree branch for quick dispensing.

Cayla | USA | Purchased via Battlbox

Perfect for a bug out bag in case of emergencies. If the worst does happen, my family will not have to worry about clean water.

Daren Dieleman | USA | Purchased via Amazon USA


Saw this on TikTok and bough some for myself and just used this recently, a real good buy!

Debby McDowall | USA | Purchased via Battlbox


The delivery was swift, the product is in mint condition and is very easy to use. The results are really good. The company is awesome, they helped me instantly for an issue with the shipping, thanks Simon. I wish all companies on the internet were as nice, I will definitely order here again!

Adam C | France | - Purchased via Puribag


Get it, you won't be sorry it's a must have item for any bugout bag.

Howard boone | USA | Purchased via Amazon USA


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Where your donation goes

We are very proud to list the charity partner organisations that we work with to bring gifted donations of Puribags into the hands of those who need them the most. When you donate a Puribag, you can rest assured it goes to these amazing organisations to support their efforts. We are a company with a social conscious, and this is just one of the ways we're making the world a better place, one drop at a time.