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Puribag Water

Puribag Pro - Membrane Filter Kit

Puribag Pro - Membrane Filter Kit

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The PURIBAG PRO Membrane filter kit is the perfect add-on to your Puribag, turning your standard Puribag into a Puribag Pro system, levelling up your protection to give you the ultimate in safe water treatment capability.

❗️The addition of the Membrane filter kit increases the useful life of the Puribag system up to a massive 5,000L depending on water turbidity, and is effective at removing 99.9999% of bacteria, 99.99% of viruses, and 99.9% of protozoa.

🔥 With the addition of the hollow fibre membrane filter to your Puribag, the PURIBAG PRO system combines an extensive range of water treatments, including; flocculation, sorption, chlorine disinfection, and membrane filtration to provide you with maximum protection against waterborne contaminants in any situation.

💧The membrane filter straw can also be attached to most 28mm threaded water bottles as a drink-through filter, or the membrane filter kit can be used by simply placing the end of the hose in a water source and sucking water through the filter straw.

The PURIBAG PRO Membrane filter kit includes -1 x hollow-fibre membrane filter straw kit ( kit includes 1x straw filter, cleaning syringe, clear flexible hose, and Puribag adaptor).

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