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Puribag - 240L Getaway pack

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The Puribag 240L Getaway pack is the perfect companion when you're headed off the beaten track, and even better when you're out with family, friends or your off-road adventure crew.

The 240L Getaway pack consists of 2x complete Puribags, and makes it easy to double your water resource, and double the insurance policy making sure that you're never without safe water for drinking, and for cooking/ cleaning.

Each Puribag is a flat-pack, 10L capacity water bag which can be stockpiled for up to 3 years, and rapidly deployed to where it is needed. The Puribag is lightweight (<200 grams) and fits in the palm of your hand, it's mobile and can provide a family of four with their drinking water needs for 2 weeks, or an individual for 1 month. 

It's the perfect water treatment system for camping and outdoor, or emergency and disaster response applications. 

The Puribag ‘in-bag’ 30-minute water treatment process incorporates filter technologies, flocculation/ sorption, and chemical disinfection to meet World Health Organisation (WHO) requirements for safe drinking water.

Puribag can handle both high and low turbidity source waters, with high and low contaminant levels, and offers a fully integrated approach capable of treating a broader range of source waters in the bag.

Puribag allows you to evacuate the waste from the bag post treatment, and acts as a portable water storage vessel limiting the risk of recontamination.




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