How to use your Puribag

A simple 6 step process turns contaminated fresh water into potable, safe drinking water in 30 minutes.

Step 1 - Fill Puribag to indicated line with source water.

Step 2 - Add 1 P&G Purifier of Water sachet to water in the bag. Carefully fold Puribag as indicated and slide purple sealing rod along the folded line of the bag to seal.

Step 3 - Shake Puribag for approximately 5 minutes or until well mixed.

Step 4 - Hang Puribag on tree branch or hook for at least 30 minutes to settle. For very dirty water, allow longer settling time to ensure proper settling of waste material and to avoid filter blocking.

Step 5 - Once settled, gently twist the bag where indicated to separate the waste material from the main bag section. Attached light blue clip to secure the twisted "choke point" of the bag. Once clip is secure, carefully slide the purple sealing rod backwards opening the bottom bag section to release waste material from the bag (please dispose of waste away from water source/ in waste receptacle). Once evacuated, return purple sealing rod to seal the bag. 

Step 6 - Remove blue clip from choke point, and allow the back to twist back to rest position. The water is now safe to consume.

n.b. If the water coming out of the tap is still discoloured post treatment, repeat steps 2-6.

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Puribag x Oceanic Global

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This July and August, we will donate 10% of sales on all Puribag products to our partners at Oceanic Global. To make the donation count, use thecode SUPPORTOUROCEANS10 at Checkout.

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