The Puribag Purpose


We set out to design a low cost, low-tech solution to the issue of safe water provision. From disaster relief, to outdoor adventure and pre-preparedness for events, we believe that Puribag is a simple solution to one of the world’s most pressing problems, and something everyone should have.

Puribag lessens the burden on aid staff by providing autonomy, independence and freedom to people affected by natural disaster events, and it allows humanitarian aid staff increased ability to focus on restoration of infrastructure and the distribution of medicines and food to those who are displaced.

We believe the features which make the Puribag so valuable following disaster events, make it equally as valuable in everyday life. From camping and outdoor activities, to including in a go-bag, or any kind of outage situation, the Puribag can make a big difference and be a reliable safe water supply. The filter won't easily block, and you can remove all the nasty stuff in-situ; making the water safe to drink for days. 

Our name stands for Priority Water.

Our purpose is safe water for all.

Our mission is to make a difference and save lives.