Puribag was established with a singular purpose; to provide people with access to safe drinking water.

Our entrepreneurial journey started with a focus on bringing innovation to the wine industry, having grown up in a leading wine region in South Australia, Australia.

A seminal moment for us was seeing firsthand, the lack of safe drinking water in developing nations. Taking many of the lessons learned on this path, a pivot was made, and Puribag was born. Although there are many water purifying products out on the market, most command a high price. This is where we are different as we set out to create a socially conscious, sustainable business, making products which are affordable and accessible to those who need them.

We designed the Puribag to be an effective water treatment product, evidenced by the World Health Organization certification, but also one that does not attract the premium price tag.

We believe our products to be as effective in emergency and disaster response, are they are for the outdoor enthusiast and hiker. With the Puribag being used in 20+ countries to date, we are well on our way to achieving our mission.
Ensuring people have access to safe drinking water is a serious undertaking, but making a real-world impact is a goal worth pursuing.

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Cheers, Simon & Josh.



Founder Bio's

Simon Schmidt, MBA

Managing Director and Head of global supply chain

Simon has worked tirelessly to develop an international network of suppliers, partners and advocates. With a background in Wine Science, and an MBA from the University of South Australia, Simon brings technical expertise and a wealth of international business experience to his role with Puribag.

Joshua Schmidt, MBA

General Manager - USA

Josh brings a broad range of experience having worked across numerous industry sectors. With a background in marketing and strategy, Josh brings an international perspective, having spent much of his career living in Europe and North America. Combining a passion for doing social good with a focus on relationship management, Josh has worked to grow Puribag outside of his native Australia.