Puribag is the brainchild of brothers Simon and Joshua Schmidt, born and raised in the Barossa Valley of South Australia.

Originally setting out on our entrepreneurial journey, our focus was on the development of a novel new closure for wine bottles which allowed consumers to make enhancements to their wines, on-demand at the time of consumption.

We have learned many hard lessons along the journey to date, but also had many moments of elation as we achieved milestones, and won awards. In the process of developing the wine closure, we realised the concept of on-demand enhancement was also relevant to on-demand water treatment, and with that Puribag was born. So as hard as the journey of life you choose, you never quite know where it will lead you, and without the experience and knowledge we have gained along the way, Puribag would never have been born, so time well spent I say!

Creating something new is the quite literally taking the path less travelled, and ironically is analogous to the notion of portable water purification; when you're off the beaten track and you need safe water to drink.

A big influence in creating Puribag came from seeing first hand the need for safe drinking water, particularly in developing countries. We found that although there are many water purifying products out on the market, most command a high price and are offered for sale by companies trying to sell the product for the highest possible price to maximise profits. This is where we are different as we set out to create a sustainable business with a social conscious, making products which are affordable and accessible to those who need them.

We have designed Puribag to be an effective water treatment product, evidenced by the WHO certification, but also one that does not attract the premium price tag.

The dream for Puribag is to see it deployed all over the world, used by people of all ages and demographics supplying water to them when they need it most, and ultimately having a real world impact.

Cheers, Simon and Josh.